Monday, April 13, 2015

Some Helpful Tips for Securing Bail Bonds

Being incarcerated for even minor offenses can greatly affect one’s life. Apart from not being able to go to work or continue business, the charges may dent one’s reputation while rendering them unable to do anything about it behind bars. This is why the law allows bailing. When a person is on bail, he can avoid imprisonment until proven guilty in court. Here are some tips for securing a bail bond.

Jail Information

Your bail bondsman will require certain information before bail can be posted. Be sure to take note of the city, state and full name of the jail you are in as your bail bondsman will need to locate you. Similarly, you will need to supply your full name and booking number (if you know it).

They Accept Collateral

Bail fees are an unexpected expense. Sometimes, you may not have the money to pay the fee. The situation only gets worse for those unprepared for unexpected situations. In such cases, you should know that many services will accept collateral such as jewelry and stocks.

Keep Your Schedule Free

Don’t forget that you are free on bail because you have promised to show up on your court date. Be sure to keep your schedule free and appear in court during the specified date. Failure to do so will land you in even hotter water as the court will issue a bench warrant for you. Skipping bail also significantly impacts your ability to secure it in the future.

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