Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Factors That Determine the Bail Bond Amount

Los Angeles bail bonds give the defendant the chance to be out of jail while court proceedings on his case are ongoing. These bonds ensure the court that the defendant will return to court when ordered. The exact amount though is different from one defendant to the next, and is determined by several factors.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Bail Bonds: Setting Free and Bringing Those Families Back Together

Living in the straight and narrow path can be quite a challenge for some people. Somewhere along the way, you might find yourself having to deal with possible jail time due to some indiscretion. When that happens, one of the things that you can run to would be bail bond companies. The Duty of A Bail Bonds Company As the name implies, a bail bond company is responsible for providing the courts with some sort of financial surety for a defendant’s appearance on court, much like how a lending company works. Keep in mind, however, that eligibility for bail is something that is determined by the courts and is not readily available for everyone. The typical clients of these bail bond companies are those who cannot raise the needed amount in order to enjoy temporary freedom. They generally have an outstanding agreement with local courts for the provision of blanket bonds.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Consequences of Bail Jumping in Los Angeles

When arrested, a defendant may be given by the court a chance to get out of jail until his court date through paying a specific bail amount. However, bail bonds in Los Angeles aren’t your  ticket to freedom. Rather, these ensure that you appear on the day of trial.

Temporarily Free: Understand the World of Jails, Bail, and Bail Bonds

Before being proven of guilt or innocence, a person under suspicion must stay under arrest until the day of the trial. The law, however, grants those accused of crimes with temporary freedom if they are able to post a determined amount of bail, given that they show up whenever the court calls for them. Under the law, the price is dictated by a judge or an arresting officer during first contact with someone arrested under the suspicion of committing a crime. In most states, however, the bail bond is typically set at 10% of the bail amount. People who are not privileged enough to post bail almost always stay behind bars and have lesser chances of being able to stay in the comfort of the outside world. This is one unfortunate problem that remains rampant with today’s justice system.