Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Types Of Bail Bonds You Should Know

Getting out of jail can come in several ways: being cited out and released on recognizance, both not requiring a jail bond. A defendant that is cited out is released after his arraignment and is given citation. A defendant releases on recognizance, on the other hand, is given a complete schedule of all hearing dates with the assurance that he will attend every single one of them.

In cases that can be bailed, the court carries out a certain amount depending on the crime committed along with the history of record of the defendant, to be considered as bail. If the defendant is able to pay this in the form of cash jail bond, surety jail bond and property bail bond, he will be released out of jail and will be required to attend the rest of the hearing without missing even one.

Cash jail bond is the entire amount of bond required by the court that is paid by the defendant in the form of cash bond, as the name implies. This will be returned to the defendant aftwindowr he completes all of his required court dates.

Surety jail bond, on the other hand, involves a bondsman. The general process involves the family or a family member of a defendant reaching out for assistance from a surety company to “loan” and sign a contract that guarantees the appearance of the defendant at all scheduled court dates.

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