Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Orange County Bail Bonds: Helping Those Who Can’t Afford to Post Bail

Many will remember the Baltimore riots last April through a defining picture showing an 18-year-old man smashing a police car with a traffic cone, yet most of them probably can’t recall what happened after the iconic picture was taken. The man, identified as Allen Bullock, soon after turned himself in to authorities after being persuaded by his stepfather, and is now facing a long time in jail because his family couldn’t afford his bail amounting to over $500,000. Is your loved one facing the same situation as Bullock, and you can’t afford to the bail that would get him out of jail? Generally, there are two options for Orange County defendants who couldn’t pay bail: either they serve their jail time while waiting for trial, or pay a percentage of their bail and trust the help of reputable Orange County bail bonds services.

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