Thursday, July 16, 2015

Uncovering the Truth About Bail Bonds

For good reason, most residents in Los Angeles take the well-being of their family members very seriously. In the event that a loved one ends up in jail, they may have to bail them out. Here are a few common misconceptions about bail bonds. 

Myth #1 - You must use your home as collateral.
You definitely do not have to use your home as collateral. This is especially true when dealing with charges related to a petty crime.

Myth #2 - Only family members can bail a person out of jail.
You do not have to be related to a person in order to get them out of jail. Whether the defendant is a childhood friend or a longtime neighbor, you have the opportunity to help this individual to gain freedom.

Myth #3 - You must pay for a bail bond in cash.
While you can pay for a bail bond in cash, it is not a requirement. If desired, you can set up a convenient payment plan. This will help to make the bail bond less of a financial burden.

Myth # 4 - A bail bondsman can negotiate with the court system.
Unfortunately, bondsmen do not have the power to negotiate for a lower bail. Once the amount of bail has been officially set by the court, it can only be changed by a judge. The amount of bail is directly influenced by the specific type of crime.

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