Monday, September 21, 2015

Avoid Excessive Bail to Have Affordable Bail Bonds

You can get arrested even when innocent. This means that you’d want to leave jail as soon as possible. As bail remains to be a viable way to avoid jail time, defendants have the right to not abide by an excessive amount of bail. Before you seek help for bail bonds, consult first with a lawyer and ask if there’s any way your bail can be reduced.

The right against excessive bail is explicitly stated in the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, though the term hasn’t been given a clear definition. The Supreme Court, however, explained that bail shouldn’t be set so high that it would force a defendant to remain in jail. Courts, on the other hand, also have the right to prohibit a defendant’s right to post bail under certain circumstances.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court retains that both instances are still subject to due process, as stated in the Fourteenth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. Whether it’s defending the amount of bail set by the court or the refusal of setting a bail, courts must provide a compelling governmental interest in keeping a defendant in jail.

Among the legal actions your loved ones in California can take, especially for those who can’t afford the amount set by the court, is to acquire a bail bond from bondsmen in Los Angeles.

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