Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Factors That Determine the Bail Bond Amount

Los Angeles bail bonds give the defendant the chance to be out of jail while court proceedings on his case are ongoing. These bonds ensure the court that the defendant will return to court when ordered. The exact amount though is different from one defendant to the next, and is determined by several factors.

Severity of the Offense

One of the things that judges take into consideration when determining the bail bond amount is the nature and circumstances of the crime. Simple misdemeanors logically have lower bail amounts than more serious crimes, such as murder and rape. Depending on a given situation, a judge can set the amount for as low as a few hundred dollars or as high as more than a million. There are even cases when a judge denies bail because he deems the defendant to be a flight risk or too dangerous to be in the outside world.

Criminal Record

The court system tends to be more strict with repeat offenders. If a defendant has been brought to court multiple times for the same offense, the judge may decide to raise the amount of bail.

Court History

The defendant’s record is also taken into account. If it appears that he has not appeared in court sessions in the past, the judge may increase his bail amount.

Personal Status

Judges also takes into consideration the personal status of a defendant. If he has a stable job, a family that depends on him and a good reputation in his community, then they will consider him the less likely that he’ll run from his court obligations. In this case, the judge may lower the bail amount.

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