Monday, September 19, 2016

Factors that Affect the Amount of Bail

When people hear “Los Angeles”, the first thing that generally pops in their heads are rich and famous celebrities. As one might assume, whenever a famous celebrity comes into legal trouble, they seem to break no sweat in posting bail bonds in Los Angeles.

While it is true that the amount of bail posted is usually based on the financial resources of the accused, it is not the only factor the court judges consider in setting the bail amount. Even with celebrities, the law considers the same criteria it uses when setting bail amount for ordinary criminals.

Nature and circumstance

Most offenses committed by famous celebrities include DUI. In California, this means a $2600 fine and a six-month jail time for a first offense with a bail set at $5000. Succeeding arrests within the ten-year period only mean setting the bail higher.

Although DUI is a crime, it is still considered a minor offense unless it led to destruction of property or loss of life. Thus, it follows that the graver the crime, the higher amount of bail posted.

History, character, and mental condition

Even famous offenders will likely have their request for bail denied by the courts depending on the circumstances. Similarly, those who are considered flight risks will never be granted a chance to post bail as there is a great possibility that they’ll escape from punishment given a chance.

Courts also deny setting bail for those who are known to be quite physically violent and so might endanger anybody around them or take revenge against the victim or witnesses.

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