Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Received an Arrest Warrant? What You Should Do

Receiving an arrest warrant can stop life right in its tracks. During this time, all sorts of things will run through your mind. Will you be forcibly removed from your home? Will you have to spend an indefinite time in jail? Would you able to fight the charges? While it is certainly a terrible experience, you might breathe easier knowing that arrest warrants are actually served for less serious offenses. In fact, there might not even be a police officer around when your arrest warrant is served.
Find Out as Much as Possible
You need to know as much as you can about your arrest warrant. This should include the date of the offense, the nature of the offense, when it was filed, the type of case, fines, and other pertinent dates such as date of sentencing, conviction, disposition, and probation. You can do this online, since reports on outstanding arrest warrants are sometimes offered on third-party websites. You may also pay a private investigator to ensure that a thorough check is performed.
Enlist the Help of an Attorney
A lawyer is an invaluable ally, especially when you don’t have intimate experience navigating the legal system. They can help you understand the arrest warrant and guide you through the next steps. In addition, you should contact the court as soon as possible, and your attorney can help you through this process as well.
An arrest warrant is certainly a serious issue and it will show on your criminal record. However, addressing it as soon as you can help you avoid worse punishment and expensive fines. Should your arrest warrant land you in jail, bail bonds in Santa Ana can help you regain your freedom while you make a concrete plan about what to do next.

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