Tuesday, November 8, 2016

3 Tips to Keep In Mind When Under Arrest

When police tells you you’re under arrest, you are bound to feel a lot of negative emotions. This can range from anger and fear to disbelief, confusion, and more. It can be hard to keep your cool under this stressful situation, but no matter what you’re feeling, there are some things you need to remember if you find yourself getting arrested.
Do Not Resist
No matter how wrongful you think the arrest may be, never resist, argue, run, or fight with the police officers. Keep calm, remain silent, and do what they are asking you to do. Be sure to keep your hands visible, and avoid threatening the officers. Your safety is paramount, so cooperate as much as possible.
Remain Silent
Always remember your right to remain silent. This is called your Miranda rights. Even if a law enforcer asks you to answer questions, you can choose not to without the presence of a lawyer. You do not have to give any excuses or explanations, and should you want to talk to your attorney, remember that police cannot listen to your conversation.
Abide by Bond Conditions
An Orange County bail bondsman can help release you from jail, but once you’re out, you should never violate any condition of your bond if you don’t want to return to the slammer. For instance, follow all trespassing warnings or protective orders. Do not leave the state for any reason if your bond paperwork requires you not to.
Keeping these things in mind will help relieve the fear of the unknown and help you overcome the challenges that you will face after your arrest.

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