Monday, November 28, 2016

Understanding the Bail Process

Posting or paying for bail allows an arrested individual to be temporarily set free, provided that he agrees to participate in court when a trial date is set. Bail may be paid in cash, collateral, or possibly through bail bonds issued by a bondsman or agency. 

The Superior Courts of counties in California have a standard bail schedule categorized by offense. This only serves as a baseline when setting bail. For instance, offenders with a DUI may post bail starting at $15,000, while those arrested with assault and battery may post bail starting at $20,000.

What Affects Bail Amount

Bail rates may be lower for people who have had no prior records. It can also be lower if the accused has family or relatives living in the community, and if he has been employed in the area for a long time. Repeat offenders may expect a higher bail rate, as those who have a great risk of skipping town just before trials begin.

If Your Bail Is too High

If you think that the bail that has been set is excessive, or is too high, then you should talk to the specialists. Get in touch with a Long Beach bail bond agency and air out your concerns to them. They can carefully assess your dilemma, the nature of the arrest, and recommend to you responsible ways to deal with it.

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