Friday, December 2, 2016

After an Arrest: How a Bail Bondsman Can Help

Feeling troubled about helping your loved one get out of jail? Don’t hesitate to reach out to an Orange County bail bondsman right away. A trusted bail bonds agent will be on call 24/7, and you can always approach him for any concerns regarding the arrest of your relative. 

Talk to the Bail Bondsman

Immediately after the arrest of your loved one, call your bail bondsman. If you have the information on hand, let him know where the arrested person has been taken into custody. If needed, your bail bondsman can actually help you locate the accused, and even know the address of the jail and the courthouse that you need to get in touch with.

Help to Get out of Jail

Once your bail bondsman has gotten in touch with the authorities, he may have an idea of the bail amount that the judge has decided on. After discussing with you the terms, he can get you a bail bond right away and pay it to the court for your loved one to be released. This bail bond is the guarantee of the bondsman to the court that the accused will appear before the judge when his trial date has been determined.

Truly, a bail bondsman can be a lifesaver in helping your family get through such a trying time. They are among the most trusted persons to talk to if you’re worried about the bail process.

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