Friday, December 30, 2016

When in Doubt, Contact a Bail Bondsman

Many people are not in the fortunate position of being able to post their own bail or ask a family member to do it for them. But just because someone is technically able to post their own bond, doesn’t mean they should. Using a bail bondsman may actually be the smartest choice, regardless of your financial position.

Set Fees

When you decide to use a bail bondsman, you will know up front how much you’ll need to pay. In most states, bondsmen charge 10% of the bail amount, plus some other set fees. Some bail bondsmen also charge interest, but this should be avoided as you may end up paying far more than you expected.

24/7 Help and Guidance

If you post your own bail, you won’t have access to support other than that of your attorney. Although bail bondsman cannot give legal counsel, many provide support services in relation to the bond process to anyone who needs it. This can be vital for those who are confused about how they should proceed.

Frees Up Funds

Although you may technically have the money available to post your own bond, it isn’t always wise to use it. You or your family may have a crisis which requires money, and if the courts are in possession of it there’s nothing you can do to get it back until your case is resolved.

If you are in any doubt as to which option to choose, contact a bail bondsman to talk the decision over with them.

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