Monday, December 26, 2016

Why Bail is So Important

Whether you’ve experienced posting bail or not, you can likely understand the relief a defendant feels once he has been granted bail. By either posting a cash bond, or using a bail bondsman, they have been allowed a chance to be set free until their court hearing. But why is bail so important for those who have been accused of committing a crime?

It Keeps Families Together

If you are allowed out on bail, you have been given the ability to continue caring for yourself, your family and your friends. You can continue to work and earn an income, rather than be incarcerated and not be able to financially provide for those you love.

Relationships will also be less strained in many cases, as you will have time to spend with people freely, rather than being unable to contact them easily while in jail.

It Shows Courtesy

The courts understand that shutting everyone away who is accused of committing a crime is counterproductive. Jail is a hard place for people to be, and if mental and physical health can be maintained by allowing bail then this is something positive. And, after all, we are still talking about an accused person who deserves the presumption of innocence until he or she is proven guilty.

It Gives Everyone Time

Bail gives defendants time to spend with their families, while defenders and prosecutors build their respective cases. This time helps to ensure a fair and thorough trial. With the relief that it offers, bail is an important right people should not abuse.

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